Emily is one of those rare treasures ... a unique combination of excellent attitude and leadership capabilities, work ethic, attention to detail, and ability to view challenges globally. She is eager to challenge existing systems to improve, and capable of working through all aspects of that change to ensure that it’s done well — all the while building a loyal and high-performing team. She’s a keeper. Really. Hire her now if you can!
— Martha Lanaghen, CEO and Founder, The Sparrow Group
Emily embodies a unique mix of coach craftsmanship and gut led instinct. It’s difficult to be near her without being challenged and empowered to live up to the expectations you have for yourself. As a coach myself, Emily is my north star. As a person, she’s a mentor and exemplary woman of integrity and influence.
— Chris Leonardo, Business Development Specialist, Jama
Emily has been instrumental in my growth from a team member to a team leader. Upon interviewing a few coaches when I found out I would be taking on a management role, I knew immediately that Emily was the perfect fit. She has a fantastic combination of a positive and comforting demeanor, high energy, and knowledge to help guide me through very difficult situations (life and job). Whether it is listening to career aspirations, helping me set a plan for work/life balance, role playing a tricky conversation that has to take place, or helping to define my leadership brand, with Emily in my corner I know I’ll be successful.
— Kylee Hawlee, Director, Aon
I worked with Emily to build a program from the ground up, including hiring, training and leading 20 new employees. The new team quickly trusted Emily for their development, not just because of her expertise, but because of her innate ability to quickly build relationship and trust with those around her. The leadership team also quickly realized her value because of her leadership skills, project management skills and creative training techniques. During training, which was all done remotely, the number one piece of feedback received from all 20 new team members was the way Emily expertly built a sense of community among the team. She also has a unique ability to apply creativity and humor to find solutions in very difficult situations. I am inspired by Emily every day.
— Alex Hoffman, Owner, Rocky Point Technology Group
The word that most comes to mind when I think of Emily is “powerhouse.” By this I mean there is power and inspiration in everything she does. Whether it is driving performance, team mission and focus, or results — she brings her full self to the table. She has the ability to manage the trickiest of situations with grace, as well as provide a strong guiding hand when necessary. She is highly respected by her team, both those she manages, her peers, and those she reports to. I will be forever grateful for the time I spent with Emily Gelblum. I am a better leader, manager and all around person for the investment.
— Liz Derrough, Director of Program Operations, InsideTrack
Emily is a mission-driven leader who drives business results.
— Chris Jenson, Principal Consultant, The Table Group
Emily’s coaching has been an absolute asset to the successful launch of my business. Her whole-person approach maintained a perfect balance of respectfully pushing the boundaries, providing positive encouragement, and reminding me that I am a human when I needed to hear it. She guided me through everything from branding my business to embracing and surpassing obstacles to further development. She helped me translate my aims as a female entrepreneur and community leader into actionable steps, to which I hold myself accountable every day. To be truthful, what Emily offers is way more than professional development coaching: it’s coaching toward becoming the person and living the life you were always meant to. If you believe in the person and professional you could become, hire her now.
— Rebecca George, Founder, Coros Creative and Consulting
I was privileged to work with Emily for 3+ years. She is by far one of the most caring, passionate, and loyal individuals I have ever met. I received one-on-one coaching from Emily and found that I came away from our sessions with clarity around my goals and the actions required to realize them. Additionally, Emily and I collaborated on team building, skill development, and improving client relations. In all situations, Emily proved herself to be wise, considerate, and fierce. Emily is relentless in discovering solutions and inspiring the actions needed to move forward.
— Ben McGarry, Laboratory Technician, Tesoro
When I first started working with Emily, I was struggling with an entrenched belief that I wasn’t entitled to success. Emily challenged my assumptions about myself, holding up a mirror that enabled me to see my strengths as well as several ways I was undermining them in my interactions with others. I can always trust her to be honest with me in the spirit of seeking my own success, which I now see that I deserve. With that confidence, and with the tools to which Emily has introduced me, I’m far better equipped to tackle career challenges, and even welcome them.
— Krissa Swain, Program Development Manager, Smarthinking
Emily is, in one word, outstanding. Emily’s work with me produced results I could not have achieved on my own. Her genuine care for her clients is as deep as her knowledge, professional advice, and guidance. (We’re talking Grand Canyon deep). I was able to grow both professionally and personally, as she helped me to acknowledge, see, and own my strengths, and not be intimidated or fearful of my perceived weaknesses. I am a better leader today because of Emily’s ability to pull these difficult results from her clients.
— Annie Martin, Director of Global Launch Services, ChannelAdvisor
The first time coaching was presented to me, I was skeptical. I am a strong, independent woman, with self-confidence and determination. Not believing that I needed much help, I still agreed to this experience as a pilot and promised to be open minded. The realization… this experience was incredible! Coaching helped me grow in ways far greater than I could have ever imagined. Emily focused on what I needed, not a script or predetermined procedure. She challenged me to consider various perspectives and find a solution that fit. This experience empowered me to be a person of my choosing both personally and professionally. It provided me the clarity I needed to recognize my aspirations and the resources to obtain them. I can’t thank Emily enough for challenging me to be better.
— Michelle Johnson, Operations Analyst, Intertek
This year, at 22 years old, I started running Townsend Bertram & Company, my family’s adventure outfitter. Emily supported me through this transition, teaching me how to become a healthy, balanced leader. Emily isn’t just a coach - she instills confidence and encourages bravery. Leadership is about taking risks and Emily helped me realize the importance of healthy conflict, clear expectations, and consistent communication within my team. She lead our team in an exercise to create our core values, which now cement our business in a solid foundation for an exciting future. With Emily’s guidance, I have reduced my stress significantly, restructured my business, and created a clear succession plan. Take action to better your business and yourself - book a session with Emily.
— Betsy Bertram, General Manager, Townsend Bertram & Company